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It might have been more accurate to say that Hatami said the name once and Bugliosi said it three times, but I don't see how O'Neill could have put that in his text without appearing overly pedantic. Who is he again ? In fact, it's Bugliosi that brings out the fact that Whitson was with Hatami and his part in all the proceedings is as relevant as any flies that may have been in the office at the time. Grim said Another, more serious, error in HS, p. 49, is that it gives the license plate of Parent's car as ZLR 694. Read up on their history. Whitson could have gone into the house after Manson and his partner left, perhaps to perform necessary but mundane tasks such as removing bugs from the telephone and/or other places before the police arrivedAnd got in a quick call to Hatami !Well, for 50 years, we've had a sackful of those that were "supposed" to be at Cielo that night. "I did not mean the 'scene' of the crime, rather the general milieu around crime scene before and after. I also suspect John Lennon's murder is simply another example of a CHAOS/COINTELPRO operation, to discredit the Beatles and demean opposition to the Vietnam War (as far fetched as it sounds). Friday, September 6, 2019 Reeve Whitson William writes: In Tom O'Neill's book Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties we learn about Reeve Whitson, a CIA agent disguised as a hippie. If I had, they probably would have run to a lot more posts than the many that certain of the threads did ! The documentary itself raises more questions than it answers and can't shed a positive light on the investigation, which was one of its goals. Did you come down on your own?A: No, I have been called by his office to come downQ:Who was present when you were shown the photographs?A:Mr. Reeves WitsonQ:And Mr. Bugliosi?A:And Mr. BugliosiQ:And yourselfA:And myselfQ:And no one else?A:No one elsebeauders saidwhere have you been?Oh, just lurking for a while. Shahrokh Hatami, Tate's personal photographer, admits to O'Neill that he learned of the murders by telephone, from an intelligence agent named Reeve Whitson, ninety minutes before the police were even called to the scene. Some have atrocious recall, Tex & Pat falling into that category. That is a great question, Katie. Shahrokh Hatami of course hahahahahahaha. I have a really good memory because I have OCD, the only good gift from my diagnosis. But I've got my eye on you. "I agree. Why would a person working in a top-secret division of the CIA give his real name and identity out to almost everyone? It seems that every time someone new "writes a book" they come up with all kinds of things that have never been thought of. Reeve Whitson was born on March 25, 1931. The CIA are not nice guys. He did this throughout the 60s and 70s. One should remember, it was dark, most of them were unfamiliar with where they were and they weren't exactly studying the scene. In my research into a close friend's father (Elwood "Red" Franklin Williams) that was active in the Laurel Canyon activities back then, I found much of Red's info matched the info on Whitson. He's scared to die now that he's in he's eighties, so I don't see him killing himself. You weren't in the Family. Supposedly Debra Tate has the manuscript for the book, one of the claims in it was that Paul Caruso was representing Tom Harrigan and when Helder saw the new MDA drug on the to reports he wanted to get a sample analyzed but didn't know where to come by it so he asked Caruso if Hartigan would give him a sample and he did, it's awfully convenient how often Caruso's name pops up in the TLB saga. It's the inevitable outcome of the crypic utterances. I really loved Peter Levenda's "Sinister Forces" three volume set. He didn't molest his daughters, he was supposedly so protective of Ruth Ann that he originally set out to kill Charlie after hearing about her joining up with the group, as far as the acts on a child under 14 if they're true he deserved a beating within an inch of his life but at the same time you'd have to do the same to Melcher, Wilson, Jakobsen, Manson, Deasy, Polanskis, etc, etc, etc. His daughter is a Bluebird survivor and her memories are returning in fractured pieces. Her Aunt says my friend knew several foreign languages and had a photographic memory back then. Got a link? Reeve Whitson was a major player in the Laurel Canyon scene. Mario George Nitrini 111 saidPlease check-out the comments from this blog-post "leave-something-witchy" pertaining to comments by myself, Bobby, & Ms Katie regarding "The Construction Site"I did read that at the time. Krenwinkel did not see the flag on the couch. From RFK Jr's instagram post on Wednesday's death of Thane Eugene Cesar, prime suspect in his dad's 1968 murder:The LAPD unit (SUS) that investigated my dads assassination was run by active CIA operatives. Anybody on parole would be arrested immediately and sent back to prison. Good to see you back, Grim!Now that your posting again, maybe you can put up Hatamis testimony on Whitson. There is a lot more here that doesn't add up. I remember reading that Moorehouse molested his daughtersIf there's one thing I've come to realize in regard to TLB and other matters of such complexity that have attracted much thought, controversy, speculation and revision, it's that the phrase "I read somewhere" or "I remember reading/seeing somewhere" is one that is fraught with pitfalls because it's almost used as a barometer of the truth of the matter whereas in actuality, it could mean anything, something or nothing at all. And did he not usually have permission for the few occasions he travelled out of state ? William Weston said Hatami mentioned the name Reeve Whitson four times in his testimony at the Manson trialNo he did not. Eventually he did begin the process of revoking Manson's status. IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOURE A POSER. Yeah, look I can see Whitson as a very bit player in the whole saga but as some Matt Damon Bourne Supremacy operative, not while the grass is green and the sky is blue. 2.2K 327 EntertainmentNo1123 5 days ago You got me Grim that is why I worded it the way I did, I don't remember were I saw it. One learns again that the jury were not sunshine supermen but flawed characters, just like us. Either way it's impressive. I also was conscious of not rehashing and repeating myself, especially when many of the issues that were brought up, I'd commented on endlessly over the past 4 years. Chapters are as followed: Prologue The Crime of the Century An Aura of Danger The Golden Penetrators The Holes in Helter Skelter Amnesia at the L.A. County Sheriff's Office Who Was Reeve Whitson? Reeve Whitson? William Weston saidHatamis testimony on Whitson. %%EOF I read Chaos, but came to a very different conclusion. I did not mean the 'scene' of the crime, rather the general milieu around crime scene before and afterI wondered about that but it works either way. Seems like his job was to insinuate himself into every possible source of information. The following book about the Nazis, published in 1961 shows this fact on page 1 where the title and name of Reeve Whitson appears. There's a clip on YouTube of him explaining away his crimes to a reporter, everything is poor me, no one ever gave me any help, I just thought I'd try out some fantasies, etc, he's a sick sick dude, I agree with you on Kay, I'd like to sit down in a bar one night and listen to some stories, he seems like a really nice guy, Article I wrote a few months ago fills in some blanks on Reeve Whitson from 1967-1977: have another article of his career from 1977-1989 which is even more enlightening. They had dinner at the restaurant and left about 9:45. CIA was all over the first famous killer, Manson, like flies on shit. Whether he still worked for the CIA, who knows. 2) in the early 1960s, Reeve Whitson was a Business Manager for a publishing /photography company in Paris that gave him a proper cover for his intelligence operations in Europe . ONeal's lousy, undocumented conspiracy book? He didn't "bring" Hatami. Melcher moved out in January '69 and the day after he moved out, Moorehouse was sent to prison for selling acid ~ he'd been found guilty on Dec 17th '68.The interesting thing about the Hearst times in "HS" is that both in terms of the police report and the court testimony, what is given in the book is inaccurate but not exactly uncheckable and not of earth shattering proportions. Neutralizing the Left The Lawyer Swap Manson's Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card The Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic Mind Control Where Does It All Go? Robertson was born in Manard, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, on August 3, 1920 [2] and attended Vanderbilt University before and after the war. "Put yourself in my position. Some sources report that Susan Atkins didn't do any stabbing that she called upon Tex to do it for her. They could have played a part ranging from major to minor.We know that Reeve Whitson was an investigator of some sort. Along with Zamora's book {of whom he is highly critical} and John Baer's wife's book, it is gold dust for seeing the jury's perspective. TY, On the night of the murders, he'd been there and left. But getting arrested is only the start point of a long and difficult process. This is a bit off topic. The man comes across as a narcissistic hypocrite who also is a Mark Fuhrman apologist. It does seem that his place in the scheme of things is being ramped up in the absence of anything new and groundbreaking. It came with the house. I would love it if Stephen Kay wrote a memoir, not just for the Manson stuff but because he nailed that scumbag Lawrence Bittaker. 139 0 obj <>stream She'd nod and say she knew, but that Gibby and Voityck thought it was very funny. He gave him a piano. He'd been talking to Gregg Jacobson about a race war {known then as "the shit is coming down" but it was very general} since they first met in May of '68. And even then I might not look at it for 5 years. Reeve Whitson was born March 25, 1931. The purpose behind the plot was to incite terror among white people and put the blame on black radicals. The Hatami incident would not have taken on such magnitude for them {other than the fact that Bugliosi tried to use it to establish that Manson had seen Tate and vice versa} if Tex and Charlie had been such regular visitors while a Family accolyte actually lived there. In the case of Sharon's car, it didn't really matter because the book came out 3 years after the perps were convicted, 5 years after the crime was solved. Now Manson is a "secret agent"? Sadie ? Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties; Prologue (Video) Epilogue; Chapter 12 - Where Does It All Go? It didn't seem to be a secret when it should have been A search of Whitson's extended acrobatic family shows a connection with the OSS, and CIA in their foreign travels with the USO. O'Neill mentions the story of Manson going back to the Tate house with a "mysterious partner." I agree Beauders. He could not have been there prior to the dinner engagement at the El Coyote, otherwise he would joined Sharon, Jay, Wojtek and Abigail.The time of departure to the restaurant is tied to the delivery of Abigails bicycle by Dennis Hurst. McGann was nearly certain that Whitson was in the CIA, and found him "very credible. They weren't even in the same vicinity while True lived at the house next door.And personally, I wouldn't read O'Neill's book unless someone bought it for me and gave it to me. Shortly after his arrival, the town became the epicenter of a shocking event that almost wrecked the Democratic Party's effort to win back the White House. I came to your officeQ:You will have to talk up a little more loudlyA Yes. The son of an actress and a circus acrobat, Whitson enters our story when Tom O'Neill has Whitson phone Hatami early that Saturday morning we all know so well before anyone else discovered the bodies up on Cielo. I've never heard of this Reeve guy in my life, and I've been studying this case for years. . Not now, however. The Family only first heard about HS on new years eve 1968. So that got my train of thought going and I looked into it. Can you put up Hursts testimony in order to settle who was right, Sanders or Bugliosi?Sanders is right.The first Tate homicide report states exactly what Sanders says in your quote. TJ ? I've got several comments to make but right now I'm dealing with some personal crap. The Reeve Whitson character is intriguing, and I just don't know what to make of Sharon Tate's father. His mother was a dancer and his father was a world-renowned acrobat. O'Neill also quotes the LAPD's Lt. Helder, who refers to Whitson in the book "Five Down at Cielo Dr" under a pseudonym "Walter Kern," confirmed by LaJeunesse. Who is this O'Neill guy? Oddly, he frequently took his daughter with him on these flights. hb`````fc`e`-bb@ ! 00 10(tl That = A BUM! It's the stuff conspiracy theories are made of ! Did he mention Tex ? I have these numbers from ONeills book in reference to Hatami and Whitson: 22239, 144483, 14508, 14542, 14554. Whitson told him that Sharon and four others were dead. It should have been MPK 308. "*Winifred Chapman, presumably.Greg King's book quoting BUGLIOSI : Mrs CHAPMAN told police investigators that it had simply been placed on the back of the couch as a decorative touch a few weeks earlier .Sharon Tate Remembered by Sheila WellsThe red, white and blue nursery colors reminded me of reading about the murder scene and how there was an American flag draped over Sharon's sofa. "Hatami told me he has no memory at all of Manson coming to the front door of Cielo Drive, but that the memory was suggested to him by an investigator named Reeve Whitson, who worked for both Col. Paul Tate and the prosecutor Vince Bugliosi." The only reference to a Reeve Whitson online is to a CIA operative active in central America in the '80s. It's a matter of public record, I've seen the court documents but I don't remember where, I think those were the same charges Dean and Tex borrowed Melchers car to drive to court for. That's one of the reasons that there is so much wrong info out there on this subject and why so many ridiculous theories abound and so much importance is placed on anything that appears to be new and vital.So, with all that in mind, just where would information pertaining to Dean Moorehouse molesting his daughters have come from ? It had been there ever since Voityck and Gibby (Abigail Folger) moved in. Moorehouse was a bum! My book, CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, covers a lot of ground, police and prosecutor corruption, secret and mostly illegal government counterintelligence operations against American citizens (like the CIA's MKUltra and CHAOS, and the FBI's COINTELPRO), and, yes, the Manson Family murders of 1969. California Deaths, 1940 - 1997. Just read Joseph Trento's book, SECRET HISTORY OF THE CIA.Reeve Whitson was involved with the TLB case. ONeill interviewed Paul Tate, Sharons father, who said that Whitson was a friend of Roman, Sharon, and Jay. "Not every detail in "Helter Skelter" is correct. In spite of his disclaimer to Rosenfelt, I think he was part of the plot to kill them and subsequently got involved in the subsequent cover-up of the role of the CIA and military intelligence in the murders. Melcher moved out in January '69 and the day after he moved out, Moorehouse was sent to prison for selling acid ~ he'd been found guilty on Dec 17th '68.Vera: Where'd ya learn that, Grim? 1. . In spite of his disclaimer to Rosenfelt, I think he was part of the plot to kill them and subsequently got involved in the subsequent cover-up of the role of the CIA and military intelligence in the murders. Kay told him that Manson and Watson had been to the Cielo house when Terry Melcher and Candace Bergen were there. Bugliosi wrote that it was after Melcher moved out, meaning in January 1969.I found Moorehouse in the phone book and gave him a call. Reeve finally returned home late that night, but never said where he was during the hours he was missing.Whitson told Frank Rosenfelt, former president and CEO of MGM, that he met Manson before the murders at Cielo Drive, and the murders could have been prevented, but no one in law enforcement would listen to him. However, it's important not to make the same mistake some make with Charles Manson and ascribe responsibility for every dodgy activity that took place within a given span and vest them with superhuman powers. A.F.S., Colonia Dignidad, von Braun, Kissinger, Ruby, and Giancana are some of the major players. That sounds like a made up name. The trial transcript is on Take the Manson murders, which we've all probably heard about ad nauseam. Jul 13, 2020. @TY > No offence, but you just come across as someone with an ability to write in capital letters and spout opinions that reveal nothing more than an anti~Bugliosi bias but no actual substance to back up whatever your opinions may be. That clears things up. Extensive research and a slew of FOIA requests did not produce a smoking gun or much beyond the shadowy, ill-explained presence around these events of Reeve Whitson, an alleged "intelligence operative." O'Neill also examines the CIA program MKULTRA, which may have gotten him closer to his goalbut not much. Can you put up Hursts testimony in order to settle who was right, Sanders or Bugliosi? Versions of how the flag got there:Coroner, Thomas T. Noguchi and Joseph DiMonapg132the large American flag draped over the couch. That is how I was able to write a 1200 page encyclopedia on Manson, etc. Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties; Prologue (Video) Epilogue; Chapter 12 - Where Does It All Go? According to Bobby Jameson on his blog, he and his friend Harvey Dareff were at or near the Tate house the night before the murders. There are a number of people mentioned, for example in that first Tate police report, many of whom were involved in the investigation whom we never hear of again. My conclusion, given the research I've done so far, is MY FRIEND"S FATHER KNEW WHITSON (if Whitson existed) and used Whitson's information to disguise himself or Whitson used my friend's father's info to add to his own. O'Neill said he got his copy of the book from another journalist. Yes he did but I was talking about at first I had always heard he actually came looking for Manson and when he found him at Spahn Charlie was able to run his game on Dean and supposedly Dean became a disciple even giving Charlie a baby grand piano for free which I believe Charlie traded for the black bus, what's creepy about Dean is that he was old even in 69, he was born in 1920 which made him damn near a decade and a half older than Manson and 30 years older than the other members of the group. I'd welcome any theories or additional info one may want to share and I'll share the info I have. He probably didn't mention his Mum or his son but it doesn't mean they weren't in his mind. LOL. He (O'Neill) said nothing to that effect. The funniest thing is "Whitson" knows about the murders a full hour before Chapman and who is the first person he tells? !A beating within an inch of his life! Tate said Reeve was very, very helpful in Tates private investigation. Because the CIA wanted to make the hippie movement look bad in the public eye. ..the housekeeper* told me, "That flag has always been here. I don't buy into Bugliosis's Helter Skelter narrative however some of the girls have attested to This. Undoubtedly, he would have run into Peter Folger in those years as American corporations and the US government were intertwined throughout that era. If he worked for Bugliosi I don't remember his name being mentioned in his book, unless it was just a sentence and I've forgotten it.BTW, Hatami took many pics of Sharon at Cielo Drive. None of them saw the scene in the daylight and none of them saw the place again after they'd left Cielo. He also confirmed a detail from Ed Sanders The Family that Melcher had let him borrow his Jaguar for the long drive to Ukiah.So Buglisois timeline was wrong and Melcher lied to me. My book is easy to read that's the way I intended it to be and that's why I don't want anyone cutting it up. That's not in any doubt. What ONeill said was that Whitsons name appeared four times, all during Hatamis testimony. When you have what Hatami testified and what Bugliosi testified regarding Hatamis testimony and gather these statements together under the aggregate phrase Hatamis testimony, then you can see that ONeill was not careless in how he represented his source. shawn mendes world tour 2022, byam shaw family tree, invitation homes ceo email address,

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